by findgoose

… So Fox, a long time ago, found this diner in Burbank, CA. that she’s always wanted to go to… A while back, we went there for our first time and enjoyed a pretty decent breakfast.  We both got ham and cheese omelettes and orange juices and endless coffees.  Well, I’m not sure how I feel about this, but it seems to have become quite the weekend habit.  We now have gone back 2 weekends in a row although I’ve changed from my norm (omelette) to corn beef and hash and Fox still gets her ham and cheese omelette.  The funny thing is that the food isn’t great, the people watching always is, and the service is totally dependent on the day and whether the waitress has someone to flirt with…  Either way, we’ve come to love it and accept it for what it is; a Diner.