What a Surprise!

by eltomboy

Yesterday Tim told me to dress warmly, we were going on a secret adventure. Long johns, thick socks, mittens, sweaters and we were out the door. We drove East out of Bozeman and then I had to close my eyes. We pulled off the highway and drove down somewhere, eyes still closed, paid some lady 14 dollars (I could still hear, but no clues were given) parked, and then I followed Tim. I still couldn’t see anything of significance, but went along and turned the corner in Jake and Maggie! Grizzly bears! What a surprise, we were at the Montana Grizzly Encounter. I had never even heard of it before and Tim had went in secret weeks before. Maggie and Jake were running around and playing, wrestling and climbing. I’m a big animal nut and I could have asked the guide a million questions, but did you know that only Mama bears and bears with no food hibernate? And that a bear pregnancy is only 3-4 months long and the cubs are 13 ounces-ish when born? And they can run 35 miles an hour? And if they eat human food once they will forever be ruined and never resort to their own food again? And there have only been 11 human deaths by a bear in the last century? I could go on and on, I thought it was fascinating! It was freezing cold so I only snapped a few pics with my icicle fingers. They are HUGE!

IMG_0446 IMG_0462 IMG_0475 IMG_0448