Baby Shower Time

by eltomboy

So, I came home to Chicago for my first ever baby shower. It’s such a funny thing to realize that you only get one of these and you have to make it special. My mom, aunt and cousin did an amazing job putting everything together and it turned out perfect. Close friends and family, lots of fun, catching up and all around love for the new little one that will be joining us in April, it was beautiful.

I love that people are in love with a baby that they don’t even know yet. They love he or she (I’m leaning towards “he” but we’ll see) because they love Tim and I. I forgot my camera like an idiot, but there were plenty of cell phone pics taken. Everyone keeps saying how small I am, but man do I feel big! I’ll post more soon! Oh, my favorite was Sophie who is 4 asking her mama what they were planning on washing me in haha A literal shower. Kids are hilarious!