Losing Track

by eltomboy

This picture is from when I was home in Chicago. I put it in this tacky heart frame specifically for my mama. She of course made it her cell phone background immediately haha I think I am 31 weeks here. I keep getting confused and think I’m farther along. Clearly I’m ready to be done with this whole pregnancy part! No one ever tells you how tough it is. It’s all about the “glow” or having doors opened for you, or seats given up for you, feeling beautiful in your new body, blah blah blah Let me just tell you, you’re glowing because you’re sweating, people look at me like I’m from an episode of 16 and pregnant, therefore I get disapproving glares instead of hospitality, and my oh my, I feel far from beautiful! I wish people would just talk straight about pregnancy and all of the ups and downs instead of glamorizing it. I just can’t wait for baby to be here already. I am falling more and more in love and keep having images in my head of what this little baby will look like. With the strength of each kick I feel our bond growing. So, as far as pregnancy goes, I’m not crazy about it, but the becoming a mama part and having a little human being made up of Tim and I is thrilling. heart belly