Happy Birthday Kat!

by eltomboy



This is Goose’s last official weekend in Los Angeles before he heads out to Montana before me. We are trying to spend as much time with friends and family before we leave and today happened to be Kat’s birthday which meant pizza party at Urbano’s!

Happy birthday Kat! We are so happy we were able to celebrate with you, we will miss you and Kris very much when we are gone. Love you guys!

On a side note: Tonight was the first night I sort of showed off my growing belly even though it looks more like I put on some serious winter beer weight, not so much baby weight! Oh well!


Birthday Girl

by findgoose

Happy birthday to my beautiful girl.
Check out our thanksgiving festivities at her blog


Dog Pile

by findgoose


Dog pile Saturday mornings.  I love these days and I’d have to say it was a great start to an absolutely great day.  We got a whole lot done today and it feels good!


by findgoose

Another weds, another B-Day gift for Fox…

The Miner and The Horse

by findgoose

We found these awesome old legos and they seemed to fit in pretty perfectly.  I mean, sure, I wish I had a fishing rod instead of a pick-axe, but you gotta work with what you have.  I found these lil guys pretty sweet though, reminds me of being a kid.  I used to love legos, I even made this stop animation short one day with my friend.  But any who, this is about MinerandHorse (FoxandGoose) and I really love how Fox shoots her images against the wood-grain concrete.  I did the same.  Here are our alter egos.

Photo Booth

by eltomboy

Just some outtakes from photobooth sessions. I love going through photobooth months later and seeing random bursts of images spanning your laptops lifetime. You know you can never just take one photobooth shot, right? It’s always like 12 in a row, then you get bored and turn it off. The much larger collection at the very end with tidbits through time is much more rewarding than each individual picture on its own. 

Baby Ride

by findgoose

… She swears that the baby wanted a ride in the cart.  I seem to think that she just wanted to cruise around Centinela Pet store, and take her back to her days as a kid.  Gotta love her, she’s the greatest ever.  Just a kid inside, and to think she just learned to walk 22 years ago.

Get it? Get it?

by findgoose

… if you don’t… “Eye Voted”!


by findgoose

… And I say that because I’m so glad I can finally talk about our bubby coming.  This is something that Fox and I found that will be an absolute must for Lake Montana.  The Patagonia Infant Down Bunting.  Easy to change and warm and just all over the place kick-ass.  I dig the orange.

Patagonia Bunting Infant Down Bunting: $139


Does Baby Look Pretty Now Mommy?

by findgoose

Fox has a way with imitating people, in this case, Maria Bamford: